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Stefanie Bell


Individuals will engage in one on one sessions, creating an interactive working relationship where they reflect on their struggles, explore unhealthy patterns and identify their strengths.  Individuals often seek therapy when they are feeling stuck,  require additional support and perspective or are interested in self improvement.


Two people in an intimate relationship work with a skilled therapist in an attempt to effectively address and better manage the solvable problems, perpetual issues, and dissatifaction in their relationship.  Couples typically seek therapy when

1) Their relationship is in crisis 2) They would like to strengthen their connection and better manage conflict or  3) They are contemplating divorce and seeking clarity and support.


Individuals in their late teens and twenties may find it beneficial to work with a therapist during this period of transition. Common issues consist of difficulties with peers and families, concerns with sexuality and romantic relationships and school or career challenges.  

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

The foundation of my work with individuals and couples comes from the idea that how we think, how we feel and how we manage is instrumental to a better self and stronger relationships.  By exploring struggles and challenging thinking in a safe space,  I help clients  create opportunities for positive change and growth.  

About me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, in private practice since 2009. I have extensive experience with young adult and adult individuals and couples.

  • Masters in Social Work at University of Chicago

  • Masters in Psychology at Boston University

  •  BA at Emory University 

  •  3 levels of Gottman Method Couples Training

  • 40 hour divorce mediation training

Getting Help

No matter what the struggles or goals are, I bring compassion, insight, directness and humor into every session.  




Life Transitions




Personal Growth

Stress Management

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
-Arthur Ashe
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